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Samsung Galaxy Tab review:Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Typical Price: £360.00
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The Good Lightweight and portable; great build quality; bright, colourful display; support for loads of file formats; front and rear-facing cameras; works as a phone; Web browser supports Flash.

The Bad Chunky; not as slick as the iPad; three separate app stores is just confusing.

The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy Tab isn't as slick or majestic as the iPad, but it's more nimble, more feature-packed and well suited to the requirements of the gentleman or lady about town. It's rough around a few of its edges, but it's a really impressive piece of kit nevertheless.

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8.3 Overall

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It seems like a long time since Google Maps Navigation, and the whole bundle becomes an appealing prospect for those who want big-screen Web access on the move.

App appeal

A decent tablet needs apps. It needs many thousands of apps, it needs them to be easily accessible and it needs them to be intelligently organised.

Thanks to the Android Market, Tab users will indeed have quick access to thousands of downloadable apps. Once you've found an app in the Market, you're only one button press away from downloading it, and, once installed, it'll appear, as if by magic, in the applications menu. 

It's on the organisation front that things go slightly awry. Samsung has seen fit to include its own app store, distinct from the Android Market, and a second store for games. The aptly titled 'Samsung Apps' is pretty barren at the moment, and its layout is far from intuitive. This division of the Tab's app offering into several separate stores will only confuse and annoy users.

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