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Razer Imperator review:Razer Imperator

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Typical Price: £55.00
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The Good Very comfy; excellent scroll wheel; on-the-fly dpi switching; adjustable keys; well designed.

The Bad Wireless version would be welcome; no left- or right-leaning clicks on the scroll wheel.

The Bottom Line The Razer Imperator may not offer as many features as some other hardcore gaming mice, but it's one of the most comfortable models we've ever used, and it offers great performance. Plus, it looks a treat

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8.3 Overall

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The last Razer mouse we wrapped our sweaty, RSI-ridden hands around was the Abyssus Mirror Special Edition. While we thought it was pretty ace, we were disappointed by its lack of features and slightly lightweight feel. Now we've had the chance to manhandle the bigger, heavier and more feature-packed Razer Imperator, which can be yours for the humble sum of £55 or thereabouts. Is it any good, though?

Snake hips
Despite its grand title, the Imperator is actually pretty slender, measuring only 71mm across. It is tall, however, at 42mm, and it features a highly arched back designed to slip neatly into your clawed hand. The Imperator fit into our paw very snugly indeed.

A rubberised coating means you won't experience any slippage as your fingers inevitably get sweaty. Also, because the mouse isn't overly large, the base of your wrist will maintain contact with the mousing surface, providing you with a decent degree of control.

That non-slip surface doesn't extend over the whole mouse. The sides are made out of glossy black plastic, with a hollow on the left side of the device for your thumb.

The understated matte black finish is complemented by blue LED highlights on the scroll wheel, and a pulsating blue Razer logo in the centre of the Imperator's body. The mouse is slightly more angular at the front, with the two main buttons protruding over the base of the mouse.

Go configure
We're very glad to see on-the-fly dpi-adjustment buttons squatting atop the Imperator, just below the scroll wheel. We didn't notice the cursor hanging at all when we used them, and you can customise exactly which sensitivities you want to cycle through using the brilliantly named 'Imperator Configurator' software, which you can download from Razer's Web site.

You can alter the mouse's dpi setting using the two buttons just in front of the scroll wheel

The Microsoft SideWinder X8 features a display that shows its dpi setting, but, since it's possible to make the Imperator's dpi pop up on your computer's screen whenever you change it, this isn't a feature we missed too much. The highest setting available is 5,600dpi, which is extremely sensitive, and we can't see many gamers pushing it quite this high.

Your thumb has access to two programmable buttons. What purpose they serve is up to you, but we'd wager you'll want to assign some macros to these bad boys. Again, this is handled through the Configurator software.

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