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Nokia E52 review: Nokia E52

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Typical Price: £230.00
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The Good Long battery life; easy to use; good screen.

The Bad Poor camera; keypad is less than ideal for text entry.

The Bottom Line It's not the most exciting handset around at the moment, but the Nokia E52 still manages to impress with its long battery life, excellent call quality and useful feature set

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8.3 Overall

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Not everyone wants a smart phone with a touchscreen and loads of entertainment features. Many people just want a device with long battery life, great call quality and a few applications to help them read and edit work documents on the move. This is the market that Nokia is aiming for with the traditional-looking E52.

It's available for about £230 SIM-free. We'll update this review with pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go prices when they become known.

Evolution, not revolution
Whereas Nokia's N-series smart phones are aimed primarily at those looking for a feature-packed but fun handset, the E series has always been targeted more towards business users. We were quite fond of the original E51, as we liked its ease of use and impressive messaging features, so, with Nokia having nearly two years to work on the follow-up, we had high expectations for the E52.

From the outset, it's clear that this update is more of an evolution than revolution. In terms of design, it doesn't stray all that far from the original E51. It retains the same tall and narrow design, with a large, square direction pad in the centre and tapered sides that frame the keypad at the bottom. The E52 is a good deal slimmer though, measuring a mere 10mm at its thickest point. It's lighter too, tipping the scales at just 98g. There are also some welcome new features, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can use your own headphones, as well as a standard micro-USB port for charging and syncing with a PC.

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