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Nokia 6500 Slide review: Nokia 6500 Slide

Typical Price: £260.00
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The Good Good music player; TV output; decent camera.

The Bad Bulky and heavy; screen could be brighter.

The Bottom Line It's a shame the design is so chunky, but the Nokia 6500 Slide still has plenty to offer thanks to its clever TV output, good camera and impressive music player

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7.5 Overall

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With the 6500 Classic, Nokia is aiming for the style conscious, whereas with this phone they're targeting those who are looking for lots of features. The 6500 Slide certainly seems to deliver on this front thanks to its TV output, 3.2-megapixel camera and impressive media player.

The handset is available for free on most contracts or can be bought for around £260 SIM-free.

The Slide may share the same model number with the 6500 Classic, but the two handsets are miles apart in terms of styling and functionality. Whereas the Classic is a slimline fashion phone with relatively basic features, the Slide is a chunkier beast that's stuffed full of cutting-edge technology.

There may only be 20MB of memory on board, but Nokia supplies the phone with a 256MB microSD card that sits in a slot under the stainless steel battery cover. The slot can actually accept cards of up to 4GB in size and you'll certainly want to add some extra storage space to take advantage of the phone's music player.

It's the same updated player that's found on the 6500 Classic and it's certainly a big improvement on the older version. The interface now looks much more attractive and it also feels a good deal more responsive to use.

The headphones that Nokia supplies with the phone sadly aren't sound isolating like those you get with Sony Ericsson's range of Walkman phones, but they still produce good sound quality and are comfortable to wear.

As this is a 3G handset, it has twin cameras for video calling. The one on the rear is actually very impressive. Not only does it have a 3.2-megapixel resolution, but it's also got autofocus and a Carl Zeiss lens. The shots it takes are a serious step above the usual camera phone fodder and good enough to print at standard photo size. However, they're not quite as sharp or detailed as the photos you'll get using some of Nokia's N-series phones.

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