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Nokia 6111 review: Nokia 6111

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The Good Small and light; speakerphone; radio; voice dialing; Bluetooth and infrared; landscape camera mode.

The Bad Fiddly charger cover; not much room for top buttons on the keypad.

The Bottom Line By entering the slide-phone market Nokia has made a marked change in their handset design. Overall it's a decent mid-range phone but it lacks some of the features that similar-sized mobile phones have. A memory expansion slot would be a welcome addition and the top of the keypad needs more space. In addition, the battery cover is unnecessarily fiddly and the screen could be a bit brighter

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6.5 Overall

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The Nokia 6111 is a mid-range slide phone for people who don't have a lot of pocket space. It features a 1-megapixel camera and a radio in its small package, but if you're looking for something inspirational this phone might disappoint. Other slide phones such as the Samsung D600 are better designed and better equipped.

The Nokia 6111 looks like a small bar of shiny soap. It comes in three colours -- black, silver and pink -- with a mirrored frame. At 92g, the 6111 is lighter than most phones, but not as light as Samsung's E350 slide phone, which weighs a mere 75g. It fits well in the pocket at only 84 by 47 by 23mm and can be kept away from prying eyes in the palm of your hand.


The Nokia 6111 is small compared to other handsets

This is the first time Nokia has used this particular slide mechanism. It seems almost identical to Samsung's D600 and is made up of a solid bottom section and a thinner top section that is spring mounted, so you only need to open it halfway before it springs open. For those of you obsessed with the how the slide feels, the mechanism is clunky and, as with all slide phones, there is the danger of opening it while you take it out of your pocket. 

Once opened, the 6111 presents you with a glossy black keypad that would be perfect, if not for the proximity of the top of the keypad and the bottom of the screen. If you have large thumbs, there simply isn't enough room to comfortably press the top three buttons on the keypad. Aside from that, the keypad feels smooth and responsive and the keys are a good size and shape.

The front of the phone features a 262k-colour, 128x160-pixel display, that measures 29 by 35mm. Unfortunately it's not bright enough in strong sunlight, but it is sharp. Underneath the screen there is a four-way silver navigation button with a soft key in the middle and two soft keys either side, that can be programmed for variety of functions. These buttons allow you to answer calls and access applications without having to slide the phone open.

On the other side of the phone the 1-megapixel camera, flash and small mirror sit perched on the top right-hand corner of a shiny black cover. A dedicated shutter button has been placed on the right side of the handset. Further up on the same side there are two well-located volume buttons that sit perfectly under your thumb.

Unusually Nokia has decided to add a rubber cover to the charging port and has hidden the release for the battery cover underneath it. This gives the phone smooth edges and a nicer appearance, but makes charging the phone and changing the battery more fiddly than normal. The SIM card has also been moved to the back of the front section of the handset. This is probably due to the change in form factor but means you don't have to remove the back cover and battery every time you need to change the SIM.

The Nokia 6111 runs on the third edition of Series 40. The phone book can hold 1,000 contacts and five telephone numbers per name. Each contact can be assigned an email address, postal address, note, image and tone. There are 20 polyphonic tones to choose from and you can also use MP3s as ring tones. However, with only 23MB of internal memory, don't expect to store loads of MP3s.

Texting is straightforward and the keypad is easy to use. The SMS application uses the updated T9 text input system, which provides a better predictive text service and allows you to change language halfway through a text. Another new but small change is the addition of a message log. This records the numbers that text messages have been sent to and how many SMS and MMS have ever been sent.

The camera has a 6x digital zoom, night mode and a mirror for taking self portraits. The flash is not very powerful, but can be helpful when you're taking close-up shots at night. You can also shoot three-minute video clips, but again you may be restricted by the limited internal memory.

The camera can be operated with the slide open or shut. In landscape mode, with the phone turned on the side, you can use the full 35mm of the screen and this makes using the phone more like using a digital camera. The dedicated shutter button makes using the camera easier and quicker because you don't have to navigate to the camera application in the menu -- pressing the button starts it automatically. 

The 6111 supports Visual Radio, which should be available soon in the UK through O2 and Virgin Radio. This will enable you to hear music and see information about artists and songs through the handset. It also has a regular FM radio that works via the headphones, which have a useful volume control halfway up the cable, but are too round to fit comfortably in the ears.

The 6111 also has a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser, email access (IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP), a speakerphone, text and multimedia messaging, a voice recorder, a calculator, nine speed-dial numbers, voice dialling and an organiser with calendar, a to-do list, notes, calculator, countdown timer and stopwatch. You can also assign themes and personalised wallpapers, along with screensavers that turn on when the phone is idle.

The audio on calls can be quiet and you may find yourself asking people to speak up. The speakerphone works well and the headphones provide good audio. You can also use a Bluetooth headset -- we had no problems in maintaining a connection with this. The battery lasts around five to six days on standby, and Nokia quotes two to three hours' talk time. 

Even though the phone has a 1-megapixel camera, photos are blurry and distorted. They look worse when they are viewed full size.

Edited by Mary Lojkine
Additional editing by Kate Macefield

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