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HTC Touch 3G review: HTC Touch 3G

Typical Price: £320.00
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The Good Stylish design; speedy and responsive; good range of features.

The Bad Small screen; glitches with TouchFLO and Windows Mobile interface.

The Bottom Line The HTC Touch 3G is a decent handset with some impressive features, but it's not a great leap forward from the original Touch and isn't really good enough to seriously challenge the iPhone 3G

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7.5 Overall

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Along with the Touch Viva, the HTC Touch 3G is one of two relatively recent additions to HTC's Touch range of handsets.

Despite being the smaller of the two, the Touch 3G is a much more grown-up affair, with built-in GPS, a better camera and, as its name implies, support for 3G data downloads.

The Touch 3G is available for around £320, SIM-free.

The Touch 3G is an attractive phone, especially by the chunky and boxy standards of most other smart phones. Its petite dimensions make it feel much more pocket-friendly than the iPhone, for example. We had the blue version of the phone, but it's also available in black, gold and brown.

As with all Touch handsets, this one is built around the Windows Mobile operating system. The standard Windows Mobile menu system is a pig to use so, instead, HTC has loaded the 2D version of its TouchFLO interface over the top. This is very easy to use and allows you to access most of the phone's main features using just your finger. There are, however, still some times when you'll find that you need to reach for the stylus, which is tucked away in the top right-hand corner of the phone.

For surfing the Web, HTC has pre-loaded the Opera web browser -- a big improvement on Internet Explorer -- and, as the phone supports both HSDPA, for high-speed data access on the move, and Wi-Fi, for when you're at home or at the office, surfing the Web on the device is, unsurprisingly, very fast.

The Touch 3G is available in gold, blue, brown and black


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