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Wearable Tech

Diesel's big new fitness smartwatch with WearOS arrives in October

It's bigger than the biggest Samsung Galaxy Watch.


WearOS on the larger side.


Do you like big, bulky smartwatches? Are you a Diesel fan? The company's first stab at making a Google smartwatch, the Diesel On Full Guard, left out the extra fitness features that help smartwatches stand out. 

The brand is fixing that with the Diesel On Full Guard 2.5, a new smartwatch coming in October. It ups its game with heart rate, GPS, NFC payments, rapid charging and 3 ATM swim waterproofing, much like the just-announced Skagen Falster 2. (Both Skagen and Diesel are under the larger umbrella of Fossil Group.) The watch was announced at the IFA tech show in Berlin.

Google's redesigned WearOS software, arriving in mid-September, will be ushering in a wave of fitness-boosted Google watches in an attempt to take on the Apple Watch, Fitbit and others. Qualcomm's upcoming Sept. 10 watch event could bring more news of next-gen Google WearOS watches with improved processors. 

This Diesel watch, however, has Qualcomm's older Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. Like the just-announced Skagen watch and Casio's next upcoming WearOS watch, this watch looks to have a complete set of fitness functions.

The Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 also looks a heck of a lot bulkier than the sleek Skagen Falster 2. The stainless steel case measures 47 by 55mm, with a 1.39-inch display. (The largest Samsung Galaxy Watch is 46mm with a 1.3-inch display.)

If you're at all interested in a Google smartwatch, however, hang on for a few more weeks.

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