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Creative Zen review: Creative Zen

Typical Price: £129.00
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The Good Sound quality; design; price; good range of extra features; great screen; good capacity options; SD expansion.

The Bad Slightly sluggish menus; only available in black; no hard disk option; SD card contents not included in player's main menu.

The Bottom Line The Creative Zen looks great, sounds great and produces great video. It's a full-featured player with plenty of options for customisation. Although the SD card slot is a huge bonus, its contents are not included in the player's main menu, limiting its usefulness

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7.5 Overall

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As video becomes more sought-after in portable media players, two distinct types of device have emerged: music players that can play video and video players that can handle music.

The Creative Zen, with its landscape form-factor and space-hogging screen, is a perfectly executed portable video player. But its small size suggests its 'killer app' is supposed to be its music function. This automatic self-contradiction leaves us wondering -- what is the Creative Zen? Can it offer the best of both worlds?

We have reviewed the 8GB version, which is available for £129, but Creative also has a 4GB version, available for £99 and it will release a 16GB version in late January.

Its 64mm (2.5-inch), 320x240-pixel screen consumes two-thirds of the Zen's surface, and its landscape orientation suggested we should be using the player for video. Navigation controls are mounted far-right -- bad news for lefties. The dedicated back and play/pause buttons could easily have been combined on to the four-way directional pad, negating the need for unnecessary buttons. Beware: operation with the left hand is damn near impossible without obscuring the screen -- using your right hand is crucial.

The right-hand side of the Zen features a standard mini USB socket, a power/hold switch and a headphone socket, while an SD card slot sits in the top. A fake SD card comes as standard to fill the hole -- don't worry, the colours match.

Overall it's a decent build: reasonably lightweight, well-sealed seams and nicely integrated connections. The display's glossy finish extends across the Zen's entire face, resulting, we feel, in the navigational buttons bordering on having a look of sub-standard quality. The rest of the casing has an attractive matte finish, which we loved.

An MP3 player is at the heart of the Zen -- MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and Audible files will all play, though only unprotected AAC files -- such as iTunes Plus downloads -- are supported.

Both DivX and Xvid movie files are compatible, too, as well as WMV files, so long as their resolutions are no greater than 320x240-pixels.

Should your vast library eat up your memory, SD and SDHC cards can be inserted into a slot to expand capacity. However, the contents of SD cards are not included in the player's main library. To view these items you need to navigate to the SD card and browse the alphabetically sorted lists. ID3 tags are not read from files stored on SD cards. For shame.

There're a bunch of playback options, most notably some dynamic playlists that chooses music you've rarely heard or rated highly, for example. It's also possible to view meta-data stored within your music.

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