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The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo is more than just a turbo 911

Porsche gives the 911 Turbo even more hustle and kit to further differentiate it from the base Carrera, which is now also turbocharged.

When Porsche updated the venerable 911 Carrera for the 2017 model year, it included a pair of turbochargers. Despite the loss of natural aspiration, the car is still quite excellent. However, it left many wondering what Porsche had in store for the Turbo, no longer the only turbocharged 911 in town. It appears that the 2017 911 Turbo, which will debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, hasn't changed much, save for some new equipment and a bit more power.

Both the base Turbo and the hopped-up Turbo S variant pack 20-horsepower boosts, to 540 and 580 horses, respectively. The additional output can be attributed to several new internal engine components, including fuel injectors and tweaked intake ports. The car's 3.8-liter displacement stays the same, which is a fair bit larger than the base Carrera's 3.0-liter engine. The only transmission option is Porsche's PDK dual-clutch unit -- sorry, manual fans.

The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo will be available at launch in both convertible and coupe variants, and it will debut to the public at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.


The bump in power results in some otherworldly acceleration figures. The Turbo Coupe hits 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and the Turbo S will do it in 2.8 ticks. Top speeds have been increased, as well -- now, the Turbo will hit 198 mph and the Turbo S will stretch its legs out to 205. Despite the additional hustle, Porsche believes the new Turbo variants will be more efficient than ever before. The EPA has yet to release any estimates.

Just like the new Carrera, the revised Turbo models sport a new look. The body's been redesigned from several angles -- front-fascia tweaks, new taillights and a new engine cover are the most noticeable changes. However, familiar touches like the massive air ducts just ahead of the rear wheels are still along for the ride.

As if the engines and physical attributes weren't enough, a veritable cornucopia of standard equipment further differentiates the Turbo from the Carrera. Turbo and Turbo S models now include the Sport Chrono Package as standard, which includes a new, 918-inspired steering wheel and a Sport Response button that preps the vehicle for "optimal acceleration" for 20 seconds. Adaptive suspension, parking sensors, a backup camera and LED headlights with active swiveling are all included in the base price, as well. The Turbo S adds a few extra touches like seats with extra adjustability and carbon-fiber interior trim pieces.

The most notable interior update for 2017 is Porsche's new touchscreen infotainment system, which also appears on the base Carrera. Its 7-inch screen accepts multitouch gestures, and it includes standard Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity and the Porsche Car Connect app that allows owners to monitor the vehicle's status remotely.

The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo will be available at launch in both coupe and convertible formats. It will land in the UK in January 2016, the US in April, and Australia in May. The Turbo starts at $159,200, £126,925 or AU$384,900, and the Turbo S will run you $188,100, £145,773 or AU$456,500. Bear in mind, that's for the coupe -- if you want the drop-top, you'll have to shell out an additional $12,300, £8,841 or AU$21,500 for both Turbo and Turbo S variants.

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