ZTE Projector Hotspot

ZTE's quirky Projector Hotspot offers Wi-Fi, battery power, and big images in one (hands-on)

LAS VEGAS -- We've heard of a lot of odd things here at CES before, and this year is no different. Case in point: the ZTE Projector Hotspot. Part charger, personal hot spot, and image projector, this device is one of several products (including the Grand S II and two Nubia handsets) that ZTE is showcasing at this year's conference. Though no official pricing has been announced yet, the Chinese mobile company confirmed that the Projector Hotspot will be available in the US later this year.

Physically, the square-shaped device measures a little less than 5x5 inches and weighs 0.88 pound. When I held it in my hand, it was surprisingly light-weight, and there's a small stand at the bottom that lets you prop the device upward. This also allow the internal fan to aerate the insides.

On top is a 4-inch colored touch screen, which has a 800x480-pixel resolution. Below that are hot keys that control the Projector Hotspot. These flush buttons include the familiar Back, Home, and Settings keys that are common on Android handsets (more on this later).

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