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Tritton Xbox 360 AX Pro Dolby Gaming Headset review:

Tritton Xbox 360 AX Pro Dolby Gaming Headset

In terms of sound quality, we were very impressed with the overall performance of the AX Pro. We played various games on all consoles including Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360, Resistance 2 on PlayStation 3, and Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 2, and the AX Pro was really sharp and precise. During the height of some gun fighting sequences, you're really immersed in the experience, something even a great 5.1 home theater system isn't always able to do. The headphones' excellent noise canceling and sound isolation really allow for this type of intimate effect to shine.

The included boom microphone can be detached when not in use and will work with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC gaming. When using it with PlayStation 3 or the PC, you'll also need to attach an included USB cable from the amp box to either device. You may need to invest in a longer cable as the include 3-footer doesn't quite cut it. During our gaming sessions, we were heard clearly by our teammates. You can also adjust the microphone volume to your preference.

The AX Pro amplifier box is small and won't take up much surface area. That said, you will need it accessible whenever you're using it, as this is where all main volume controls and connections will be made. The box allows for up to two AX Pro headsets to be attached simultaneously, and the unit itself also requires power. You'll then need to run the optical audio cable from your source to the box, which may result in some headaches. For one, you'll need to access the rear of your devices, which isn't always easy to do. Also, you'll need to either be close enough to said devices or acquire a long enough optical cable to reach where you'll be playing or watching. The included 3-foot optical audio cable really won't help you out here, so you're probably going to want to go out and find a wire at least double that length, depending on your situation.

After you've managed to connect your devices, you can play around with the various settings on the box. You can switch between Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II as well as adjust time delay if you feel audio isn't syncing up to what you're seeing on the screen. We should note that in our testing this was never an issue.

Overall, we really enjoyed the performance of the Tritton AX Pro gaming headset. While setting up the device isn't for the timid, the time it takes to get going is worth it if you're serious about enjoying surround sound. The experience the headphones create is very unique if you can look past some of the necessary tedious steps to get it set up properly. Priced around $160 online, the Tritton AX Pro should be the only headphones you need for a while, considering the vast amount of sources it can support. Future game consoles should be able to work with it in terms of audio, but there may be issues with getting the headset feature to perform correctly.

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