Sony MDR-570LP review:

Sony MDR-570LP

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Typical Price: £38.00
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Lightweight; comfortable; good sound quality for the price.

The Bad Cable is on the short side.

The Bottom Line We've heard far better audio from other headphones, but few cans under £50 sound as good as the Sony MDR-570LPs. Comfortable and well built, we can overlook their minor flaws and recommend them to anyone seeking reasonable sound quality without paying a fortune

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8.3 Overall

Headphones are important. Why spend hundreds of pounds on a great music player only to listen to your favourite choons through some grotty old cans? Still, not everyone can afford a pair of top-quality 'phones, so Sony is aiming its MDR-570LP model at people who value sound quality but don't want to break the bank. These headphones are available now for around £38. 

Sound as a pound
The MDR-570LPs don't sound fantastic. They sound good, but, if you're a real stickler for clarity, then you'll need to fork out slightly more cash. That said, the MDR-570LPs boast the kind of sound quality we'd normally associate with headphones that cost around £50 or £60, so, in terms of value for money, they're really excellent.

For headphones that merely rest on the ears, rather than fitting inside or enclosing your ears in a cup, the MDR-570LPs offer surprisingly strong audio. Lower, bassier tones hit our ears with a satisfying thump. But higher tones, such as hi-hats and vocal melodies, didn't come through with much clarity when we listened to Hot Hot Heat's Bandages, and they generally tended to get muddled into the mid-tones during our testing. That's something we'd expect in this price range, however.

Built to last
Despite weighing only 110g, the stylish MDR-570LPs feel pretty sturdy and well-built. They're unlikely to fall apart should they happen to make a short journey from your bonce to the pavement below.

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