The Good Stereo line-in on the back of the system; looks nice from a distance; clever use of timer.

The Bad Unintuitive; no decent line-out; over-reliant on remote; restricted sound options.

The Bottom Line This microsystem is fine just for general use, but overly complicated setup procedures, limited equaliser options and reliance on the remote let it down

Editors' Rating
6.5 Overall



The Sony CMT-GPX9DAB micro hi-fi is a curious mix of innovation and anachronistic nostalgia. On the one hand there are some nice touches to this system -- the CD is slot-loading, you can set the timer to turn the system both on and off, and you can lock the CD mechanism when moving it, for example. On the other hand there is a cassette deck, which seems irrelevant, and the setup procedures are overly complicated.

If you want to record radio programmes or anything from a CD, you have to either use the tape deck or take a line out of the headphone socket, which we found restrictive. It seems curious to have an analogue recording facility when the whole point of digital playback is clarity of sound. Retailing at around £160, this micro component system is fine for everyday use, though.

The looks of this micro system are what you'd expect from Sony -- functional and understated. The front fascia has been diagonally tiered in three sections, making the front of the stereo look like a flat, silver armadillo. From a distance the silver plastic passes muster, and could easily sit unnoticed on a shelf. Up close, however, the front no longer looks so much like brushed metal -- this isn't a stereo for poseurs. The style of the system is nothing new -- the front fascia is faux-separate in the long (and naff) tradition of micro systems. It's tasteful from a distance, but looks cheap up close.

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Get better sound from your AV receiver using your smartphone

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