Schwinn CycleNav is a cheap and simple satnav for your bike

LAS VEGAS -- From a company that sounds like it's been set up by the guys from "Wayne's World" (Schwing!) comes this simple and cheap satnav for bikes. Costing a very reasonable $59.99, it clips to your handlebars and tells you what direction to turn by flashing its lights.

You need to set it up before you start your ride -- open up the Android or iPhone app, type in where you want to go, and check the route out to make any changes as you would on any phone app. Then send the route via Bluetooth to the device, and off you go.

As you cycle, the big green lights flash to indicate the direction you need to go: there's also a speaker that yells directions at you as you travel. There's no way to get the spoken directions through to a headset: Schwinn says that it doesn't want to compromise safety by encouraging riders to use headphones.

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