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Samsung NC10 review: Samsung NC10

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Typical Price: £320.00
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The Good Aesthetically pleasing; great keyboard; good battery life.

The Bad No high-speed Wi-Fi; mouse trackpad lacks multitouch; no 3G.

The Bottom Line The Samsung NC10 is a fantastic netbook. Its core specification doesn't differentiate it from the masses, but the little things -- the keyboard, battery life and styling, for example -- make it one of the more attractive netbooks on the market

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8.3 Overall

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When we visited Samsung's Korean HQ, the company assured us it wasn't working on a netbook, and wasn't particularly interested in the market. Fast-forward a few months and it's not only made a netbook but it's made one that's among the finest on the market -- obviously someone was paying attention. The NC10 is available to buy now from all good outlets for around £320.

The NC10 isn't the flashiest netbook we've seen, but we're big fans of its contemporary, functional design. Both the black and white versions are attractive, although we're more partial to the black model, as that colour better complements the metallic strip running across the side and front edges. Both versions are finished in a non-glossy coating, which means they're less prone to picking up fingerprint smudges.

The dimensions of the NC10's chassis aren't very different to that of other netbooks sporting a 10-inch display. It measures 261 by 30 by 185mm and weighs 1.3kg, so it's only slightly smaller and lighter than the Asus Eee PC 1000HE, which clocks in at 1.4kg and measures 266 by 38 by 191mm. As you'd expect from a device of this type, the NC10 is very easy to slip into a small bag and can be carried almost anywhere.

Connectivity on the NC10 is standard netbook fare. The left side houses two USB ports and one Ethernet port, while the right side is home to yet another USB port, mic and headphone jacks, a VGA output, and a Kensington lock for securing it to a desk. Each of the ports has a label above it on the same level as the keyboard, so you needn't crane your neck or lift the machine from the table to see which port you're jamming a device into.

The NC10's large-ish chassis means Samsung has been able to install a relatively big keyboard. This, like the keyboards on most 10-inch netbooks, is comfortable to use and, with some skill, even allows users to touch-type without sacrificing much speed. The mouse trackpad is very good, too. It lacks multitouch, as you get on some Eee PCs, but has a dedicated vertical scroll strip that makes browsing Web pages simple.

The NC10 comes from the same mould as the majority of its netbook brethren. It uses an Intel Atom N270 CPU clocked at 1.6GHz, and 1GB of DDR2 533MHz RAM, plus graphics provided by the Intel 945GS chipset -- all of which is standard fare on devices of this type.

The white version is attractive, but it's the black version that makes us feel like excitable schoolgirls

Storage comes in the form of a 160GB hard drive. That's nowhere near the Asus N10's maximum storage capacity of 320GB, but it gives you enough room for a couple of hundred DivX movies, about 40,000 MP3 files and more images than the average human being should probably own.

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