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Philips HTL5120 sound bar sports sleek 'plane wing' design, integrated subwoofer

The Philips HTL5120 sound bar has a low profile and small footprint, with an integrated subwoofer and reasonable $250 list price.

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LAS VEGAS--One of my long-standing complaints about sound bars is that too many models tend to block a TV's remote sensor when placed on a TV cabinet.

There's little chance of that happening with the Philips HTL5120, which has a sleek, low-profile shape that should comfortably fit under your TV. The HTL5120 also has a subwoofer built into the sound bar, which gives it a smaller footprint, although that design tends to sound a bit thinner than systems with a separate subwoofer. It comes with an orientation sensor capable of telling whether the HTL5120 is wall-mounted or placed on a TV cabinet, and can adjust the sound bar's sound accordingly.

Philips HTL5120
Philips HTL5120 Philips

Like many of the sound bars I've seen at CES 2013, the HTL5120 also includes built-in Bluetooth for wireless streaming from most smartphones and tablets. There are also two HDMI inputs, although that's not needed if you end up using your TV as switcher. (A Philips representative admitted that most customers only use the optical input on HDMI-equipped sound bars.)

Altogether it's an slick-looking sound bar with a solid set of features, and the cost isn't bad either: $250 suggested retail price. The HTL5120 is scheduled to be released in May.

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