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Panasonic GA10 is the latest 'OK Google' smart speaker

The blocky speaker takes on rivals such as the Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple's HomePod.


Is this the most boring-looking smart speaker yet?

Richard Trenholm/CNET

Panasonic is the latest to talk the talk with voice-controlled smart speakers -- and it's walking the walk with Google Assistant rather than voice-control rival Alexa

The blocky and very rectangular Panasonic speaker takes on rivals such as the  Google Home Amazon Echo and Apple 's HomePod . You use it by simply saying "OK Google..." and ordering it to carry out tasks such as listening to music through your streaming service of choice. Integrated services include Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn and Deezer. 

Announced Wednesday at IFA in Berlin, the GA10 comes in black or white. Inside are two 20mm dome tweeters and a dual voice coil 8cm woofer. It's on sale this winter.


  • 20mm soft dome tweeter x2
  • Strong bass with an 8cm dual voice coil, wide role rubber edge and meshed diaphragm
  • Long port back bass reflex
  • Bluetooth, MP3 re-master
  • Preset, manual EQ
  • D.Bass
  • Google Assistant
  • Chromecast compatible
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