Motorola FINITI Bluetooth Headset review:

Motorola FINITI Bluetooth Headset

Like the CommandOne, the Finiti has a series of voice prompts that inform you of incoming caller ID and headset battery status, and it'll even guide you through pairing the headset. It'll also announce the name of the paired device, which is helpful if you're connecting the headset to more than one phone, and it'll let you know if stealth mode is on or off. If you pair the Finiti with an Apple iPhone, you'll see the headset's battery meter on the upper right corner next to the iPhone's own battery meter.

The Finiti is also compatible with MotoSpeak, Motorola's Android application that can read incoming text messages. It will also let you send a text message reply by dictating with your voice, or you can say "call back" and the phone will automatically call the number of the person who sent the text. We tested the Finiti with the MotoSpeak app on the Motorola Bravo, and it worked as promised, reading out incoming text messages clearly, though in a slightly stilted tone. You can read our review of the Motorola CommandOne for more details about the MotoSpeak app.

We paired the Motorola Finiti with the Motorola Bravo and the Apple iPhone 4. We were overall incredibly impressed with the call quality. On our end, we heard our callers clearly, though we did occasionally detect some background buzz. Voices sounded smooth and natural on the whole.

On their end, callers said call quality was excellent. Thanks to the Finiti's two microphones and the CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology, they said our voice quality was clean and clear with only a hint of distortion. They also reported the occasional background buzz, but it wasn't distracting. Even when we were in a busy restaurant setting, our callers could hear us clearly above the chatter and noise of the environment. When we turned on stealth mode, callers were surprised to note that background noise went away completely, but they could still hear us loud and clear. In fact, callers said we sounded noticeably louder. This is an improvement over the Endeavor HX1's stealth mode, which sounded muffled and garbled at times.

However, callers did note that even though stealth mode made voices louder and clearer, it was at the expense of voice quality, which was less natural and overly processed in stealth mode. Motorola says this is to be expected, however.

The Motorola Finiti has a rated battery life of 5 hours of talk time and 6 days of standby time.

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