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Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim review:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim

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Typical Price: £200.00
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The Good Looks fantastic; slimmer and lighter than previous models; very little fan noise; great value for money.

The Bad Cooling fan in power brick; no HDMI cable included; chassis collects fingerprints like nobody's business.

The Bottom Line Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim offers improvements over its predecessors in every area, with reduced fan noise, a 250GB hard drive and great looks. It's really good value and, with the brilliant selection of HD games available for the platform, we think it's the best console on the market today

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8.8 Overall

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If you'd told us ten years ago that Microsoft would one day be arguably the biggest player in the videogame universe, we'd have kicked you in the shins, and called you a darned liar. But that's the situation we're faced with today.

Following on from the gobsmackingly popular Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite consoles, we have the Xbox 360 Slim model, also known as the Xbox 360 250GB and the Xbox 360 S. It's rocking a slimmed-down chassis and a host of new features, but, priced at around £200, does it solve the problems of previous versions?

Console design

Microsoft has given its console's design a pretty radical overhaul, significantly slimming down the tower, which now measures 70 by 270 by 260mm. That's not radically slimmer that the original 360, which was 83mm wide, but shaving off a few centimetres all over really makes a difference. This console will slot into the Tetris-like array of home-entertainment gadgets under your telly with considerably more ease than previous versions.

The matte plastic we've come to associate with the Xbox 360 is gone, replaced by some of the glossiest black plastic we've ever seen. It looks absolutely fantastic, and will certainly catch your eye, but we found that it picks up fingerprints like an obsessive forensic scientist. Handling this console for a minute or two will leave its mirror-like surface looking decidedly less pristine.

This shot shows how reflective the new 360's chassis is. It's perfect for fixing your hair before fragging enemy scumbags

This console is also much lighter than before, weighing in at around 2.9kg, compared to the 3.5kg of the original Xbox 360. Its light weight, combined with its new plastic casing, means the 360 Slim feels slightly cheap when you hold it in your hands. But this device belongs under your telly, and is designed to be ogled, not manhandled, so it's more important that it looks the business -- which it does.

One of the Slim's most arresting visual features is the angular 'dent' that runs diagonally across its body. The console's styling reminds us of KITT from Knight Rider, and we like how the fan vents have been incorporated into the design -- uniform gaps in the casing spread out across the machine's body. Chrome trim on the bottom and top of the machine completes the '80s look. While we can see the console's styling dividing opinion among gamers, we admire Microsoft for giving the new Xbox 360 a distinctive and unique appearance.

The included black wireless controller has us drooling too. We were never huge fans of the white controller and its nasty habit of picking up endless quantities of grime and dirt. While we're sure this black version will pick up just as much filth, we won't be able to see it -- and that's a crucial difference.

You can seep rancid sweat onto the black controller, and your gran will be none the wiser when she has a go

There's one more cosmetic touch that we really appreciate -- the power button and eject key are now touch-sensitive, rather than mechanical, and each one issues a satisfying chime to let you know you've pressed it. This console is also incapable of falling victim to the 'red ring of death' that plagued so many Xboxes in the past, because Microsoft has removed the red LEDs from the front of the machine. As to whether failure rates will remain as high as they have with previous versions, only time will tell.


We're pleased with the high storage capacity of the new 360. Previously, 250GB was a storage capacity reserved for a certain configuration of the 360 Elite, retailing at £250, and for the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim, which sells for closer to £300. In this respect, the new Xbox offers reasonably good value for money. You'd have to be a really hardcore download addict to burn through all that storage space.


The Xbox 360 Slim boasts that it's 'Kinect ready' on the box. Microsoft's upcoming Kinect motion-sensor peripheral will work with any Xbox 360, but, due to a power discrepancy, if you want to use Kinect with older models, you'll need to plug it into both the 360 itself and a wall socket. If you're using the new 250GB model, you need only plug Kinect into the console, and it'll happily sip its power directly from the Xbox itself.

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