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Logitech Harmony 676

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Logitech Harmony 676

The Logitech Harmony 676 universal remote control builds on the success of the company's previous 659 and 688 models. It controls up to 15 devices and is available now at a list price of $230.

Upside: A new hard-button keypad layout and a selection of interchangeable colored faceplates immediately distinguish the Harmony 676 from its predecessors. But perhaps more significant is what hasn't changed: the 676 uses the same superior task-based control system found in previous Logitech Harmony remotes, and its Web-programming capability means you won't have to laboriously punch in all the codes manually.

Downside: Unlike the Universal Remote URC-200 Automator, the Harmony 676 does not have RF support, so you'll need line-of-sight contact with your devices. Other potential issues: Harmony's Web programming can frustrate the computerphobic, and its online database of product codes often requires some end-user refinement.

Outlook: At first glance, this evolutionary upgrade of the Harmony series seems to have corrected some of the minor keypad layout and tactile missteps that afflicted the otherwise impressive 688 model. Check back soon for a head-to-head comparison once we complete our hands-on review.

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Where to Buy

Logitech Harmony 676

Part Number: 966177-0403

Visit manufacturer site for details.

Quick Specifications See All

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  • Type Universal remote control
  • Supported Devices CD player
    DVD player
    TV and VCR
    audio system
    satellite TV system
  • Features LCD backlight
    back-lit buttons
    interchangeable face plates