LinkedIn for iOS review:

Newly improved, but still lacking in search

With the Home screen now completely dedicated to your stream, all of the app's navigation has been neatly tucked into a slide-out panel on the left, again making it similar to Google+. Here you get one-tap access to your profile, messages, and notifications, as well as a Home screen icon that continuously shuffles through the latest updates from your stream. But the real beauty of this navigation panel is its flexibility. With a few taps, you can customize it with shortcuts to other parts of the app, such as Groups, Companies, News, or Jobs.

If you use LinkedIn for research, then you might be disappointed to find that power features like alumni search, skill search, polls, and company insights are missing. Of course, most people won't need to access these on the go, but it's still worth mentioning that they are, as yet, unavailable. That said, with LinkedIn's recent investment in mobile, I'm sure the company will add at least a few of these features in the near future.

With so many people using LinkedIn for job searching, I was disappointed to find the mobile app to be lacking in this area. It gives you access to recommended jobs as well as your own saved jobs, but it doesn't let you search for any posted openings on the network. Nor does the app let you share jobs or apply to jobs, like the Web site does.

But my biggest issue with the LinkedIn app is its weak search tool. I already mentioned that the app can't search for jobs, but more than that, it can't search for groups or companies, and it doesn't autocomplete or offer search suggestions. Altogether, this makes for a huge gap in functionality between the full Web site and the mobile app, and I can't imagine it will stay this way for much longer.

Many of these issues and features also exist in the Android version of LinkedIn, as the two apps were updated at the same time.

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