Klipsch Custom review:

Klipsch Custom

The Klipsch Custom 2 earphones sit at the center of the Klipsch Custom series, both sonically and financially. To our ears the Custom 2s offer the most balanced response of the bunch, a sound we sometimes preferred over the more expensive Klipsch Custom 3s.

Despite the Klipsch Custom 2 earphones' generally balanced presentation, the sonically saturated techno sound of Monolake's "Polygon Cities" album absolutely pumped with the kind of tight, punchy low end we missed from Etymotic's HF5s. Modern rock gems such as Radiohead's "Airbag" came through crisp and clear, with guitars pleasantly jumping forward in the mix more than we've experienced in products that use dynamic-type drivers, such as the V-Moda Vibe headphones.

We feel that the Custom 2s offer slightly fuller low-frequency punch than comparable offerings from Shure and Etymotic--sitting closer to the signature of the Ultimate Ears Pro line. If you yearn for an extra helping of low-end lushness, you should give the Klipsch Custom 3s a listen.

As far as fit and comfort are concerned, we feel the wide range of ear tips and the memory wire's ability to distribute weight across the ear make the Klipsch Custom 2s easy to wear for long stretches without discomfort. Compared with the invisible-feeling Klipsch X5 earphones, however, the Custom series makes much more contact with the ear, which may irritate some users.

The Klipsch Custom 2s come with a two-year limited warranty against defects, although it remains to be seen whether the company's policy is as forgiving Shure's.

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