The Good Price; USB hosting; decent surround and picture performance for the price.

The Bad Compromised build quality and lacklustre styling; no digital connectivity; confusing remote; limited stereo performance.

The Bottom Line JVC's TH-P7 is an affordable and easy-to-use home cinema system. The absence of digital connectivity will distance flat-screen owners but standard surround sound and picture performance is decent for the price

Editors' Rating
7.5 Overall



If your TV's typically lame speakers are stopping you from enjoying film scores as they should be heard, then it could be time to consider a home cinema system.

These systems offer all-in-one convenience that cuts out the confusion of buying separates while saving you time and money. For around £200 online, JVC's TH-P7 is incredibly affordable and puts in a good performance with both pictures and surround sound. Build quality and design are unimpressive, though, and the exclusion of HDMI means it's far from future-proof.

The design features the all-in-one convenience of a single unit complemented by tall, floor-standing speakers that give the system an illusion of authority compared to typical models at this price.

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Get better sound from your AV receiver using your smartphone