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Jabra's Elite Sport totally wireless earphones get upgraded

The Jabra Elite Sport gets a 50 percent boost in battery life to 4.5 hours and come in this new lime green gray color.


Jabra's Elite Sport Upgraded isn't really a new version of the company's sports-oriented totally wireless earphones, but they do feature one important change: A brand-new battery that provides 50 percent more battery life (4.5 hours instead of 3 hours). 

Like the original Elite Sport, this upgraded version has a built-in heart-rate monitor and costs $250 (£230; $AU 329). It now comes in a new lime green gray edition as well as black.

Along with the new battery, Jabra has made some software enhancements. The Jabra Sport Life app has been updated, and there's a new internal equalizer that allows you to personalize your sound profiles and settings. Those new software features will be available to existing owners of the Elite Sport, but they won't get the battery life gains of the new model.

Jabra's Sport Life app is also getting updated.


The Elite Sport Upgrade is available in the US and Canada now and will be available in Europe and Asia this fall. We'll have a full review soon, but in the meantime you can check out our review of the Elite Sport here

  • With the old version of the Elite Sport, users could listen for up to 3 hours, plus get 6 hours additional charge from the carrying case -- 9 hours total battery life.
  • With upgraded version, users can listen for up to 4.5 hours, plus get two additional cycles (9 hours) with the charging case -- 13.5 hours total battery life.
  • The Jabra Sport Life app has been updated.
  • New internal equalizer that allows you to personalize your sound profiles and settings.
  • Existing owners of the Elite Sport will be able to take advantage of software upgrades.
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