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Google Triad Bookshelf speakers

Need speakers for your new Google media streamer? Google has a suggestion for you: the Triad Bookshelf Speakers.

Looking for a good way to listen to music through your new Nexus Q media streamer? Google has just the thing for you: the Triad Bookshelf Speakers.

Unlike the Google-branded Nexus Q, Triad is an existing brand, which Google is trumpeting as "made in the USA" on its product page.

According to the Google Play specs page, the Triad Bookshelf Speakers sport a "black textured paint finish" and tip the scales at 14 pounds each. The speakers are about 13 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 7.32 inches deep (including feet and removeable cloth grill). The two-way design offers a 6.5-inch diameter woofer below a 1-inch fabric dome tweeter.

The stereo speakers retail for $399, and will be available in mid-July.

The speakers aren't amplified (powered), so you'll need to connect them to an amplified stereo such as the Nexus Q, an AV receiver, or a standalone amp.

If upwards of $400 is too pricey for you, check out the $70 Sony SS-B1000 or the $52 Dayton Audio B652 stereo speakers.

Where to Buy

Google Triad Bookshelf speakers

Visit manufacturer site for details.

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