Denon DHT-500SD

The Good Build quality; sound quality; video quality.

The Bad Can't play DVD-A/SACD discs or DivX.

The Bottom Line At only £400, the DHT-500SD is perhaps Denon's best value product on the market. The quality of the entire package is so high that you may as well discount the rest of the competition. The video output will service even the most expensive plasmas, the powerful speakers go blow for blow with demanding films such as Kill Bill, and the stylish package will look the part in even the most modern living rooms

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Denon DHT-500SD

Mention all-in-one home cinema packages to the discerning home cinema fan, and they're likely to look at you like you've soiled yourself in public. So what's a hardcore Japanese manufacturer like Denon doing not only slugging it out with Sanyo and JVC for mid-range buyers, but also flogging its wares for only £400? Thankfully, the answer is that it has found a way to bring its high-end expertise down to a budget level, with such success that the competition should just go home and have a cup of sake.

The DHT-500SD is extraordinary value for money. Every part of the package screams designer style, the audio quality is incredible and it has enough supported formats to make a mid-range AV receiver jealous. You don't need to be a genius to set it all up -- perhaps the lasting impression of the DHT-500SD is that it's unbelievably easy to use. If you want an excellent home cinema experience that you can get up and running within ten minutes, the DHT-500SD is the best option for under £500. Nothing else comes close.

There's something inherently wrong with calling a piece of electrical equipment 'sexy', but there's no other way to describe the glorious allure of the Denon speaker kit -- it's damn fine. The five satellites are finished with grooved aluminium sides and a cherrywood trim. They're certainly not the functional speakers most manufacturers would be content with. The subwoofer follows this classy design through to its logical conclusion, with a lightweight MDF construction and a cherrywood finish that surrounds the entire unit. It's small enough to tuck away, although it looks so nice you'll want it right beside your TV.

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Get better sound from your AV receiver using your smartphone

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