Dell Inspiron One 23 review:

Dell Inspiron One 23

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MSRP: $1,199.00
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The Good Decent performance; multiple inputs for media players and games consoles; responsive touchscreen.

The Bad disappointing display; not particularly attractive; unimpressive games performance.

The Bottom Line The Dell Inspiron One 23 boasts powerful innards and handy inputs for hooking up your games console. Sadly it's let down by a very disappointing screen that doesn't justify the fairly high price.

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7.5 Overall

Windows 8 ditches the classic desktop and Start menu of Windows 7, replacing it instead with big, colourful live tiles. With a host of gestures for navigation, it's crying out to be touched, poked and swiped. Any computer that wants to show off Windows 8 at its best therefore needs to pack a touchscreen.

Thankfully that's exactly what Dell has slapped on the front of the Inspiron One 23. Like the rest of the Inspiron range, the One 23 is designed for family use. Along with its big screen, my review model boasts an Intel Core i5 processor and 6GB of RAM.

At £879, it's not exactly cheap though. The range starts at £679 if you don't need quite as much power, or you can load it with a Core i7 chip and 8GB of RAM for £1,079.

All models are available to buy now from the Dell store.

Should I buy the Dell Inspiron One 23?

With its 23-inch touch-enabled display, the One 23 provides a good way of navigating around Windows 8's big tiles without using the traditional keyboard and mouse combo. With a decent helping of power under the hood, it's potentially a good option for family computing.

Sadly though, it's let down by its screen. It's bright enough, but lacks any kind of colour depth, resulting in seriously unimpressive images and videos. Even the usually vivid Windows 8 interface looks lifeless. The kids might not care that Barney looks less purple than normal, but when you're paying over 800 quid, you'd be right to expect rich colours everyone can enjoy.

It's also far from pretty. There are worse looking machines around but I doubt any family would want to display it in their living room. If you're going to hide it away in a study, it becomes somewhat less useful as a family machine.

With inputs for Blu-ray players or games consoles, it could be a good option for a student bedroom, but a laptop is likely to be of more use to a student and with Dell's own Inspiron 17R Special Edition offering more power and a Blu-ray drive for less money, it's arguably a more sensible option.

Design and build quality

With a huge expanse of glass on the front, black edging and a silver back, the One 23 has a very stark, industrial design. It's completely devoid of pretty patterns and swirling colours, so if you're into that sort of thing then look elsewhere. It's hardly pretty, but at least it's functional.

The One 23 isn't really the sort of thing I'd want to have taking pride of place in my living room. It's more at home in an office space or anywhere you don't plan on showing visitors around. If you want a really sleek-looking all-in-one then Apple's new iMac is slimmer than ever, but it'll cost you quite a lot more cash.

It's 574mm wide and 385mm tall, so you'll need to make some room for it on your desk. At 7.34kg, you should make sure that you find it a permanent home in order that you don't have to lug it between tables all the time.

Dell Inspiron One 23
The One 23 might prove something of an eyesore in your living room.

The stand is a simple, silver affair which sits firmly on the desk. It allows for the screen to be angled enough to help counter overhead reflections, but doesn't allow the screen to move up and down. There's also a fairly standard wireless keyboard and mouse included which perform their respective jobs adequately.

In total you'll find four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, VGA out, an SD card slot and headphone and microphone jacks. You'll also find an S/PDIF output for hooking up a 7.1 channel surround sound system.

Interestingly, you also benefit from HDMI, VGA and composite in, allowing you to hook up Blu-ray players or games consoles and use the One 23 in a similar way to a regular TV. It helps make it a good option for a student's bedroom or any flat where space is limited as the one screen will do the job for the computer and anything else you want to plug into it.

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