Cobra CPP 300

High-capacity solar panels keep CPP 100, 300 truckin' (hands-on)

LAS VEGAS -- There's no dread like the dread you feel when your smartphone battery has been drained of all its juice. At CES 2014, Cobra showcased three new products that work to solve this common problem: the CPP 50, CPP 100, and CPP 300.

DesignTwo of Cobra's CPP portable power series, the 100 and the 300, are outfitted with high-capacity solar panels, so you can ensure your device has enough power even if the chargers themselves are far from an outlet.

While both devices have the same capacity (6,000mAh), the 300 features a rubber exterior for extra durability. It also has a clamshell construction, which enables you to open it up to double its surface area. This increases its ability to draw in solar power, shortening the amount of time it takes to charge itself.

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