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Citroen C3 Picasso review: Citroen C3 Picasso

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Typical Price: £12,995.00
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The Good Spacious; Attractive design; USB audio playback; Rain-sensing wipers.

The Bad Lacklustre sound quality; Hard-to-read displays; uninspiring drive.

The Bottom Line The Citroen C3 Picasso looks good, particularly in the flesh, yet provides masses of space. It's not very technologically advanced, but it'll make those arduous trips to Ikea less painful.

6.5 Overall

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With this effort, Citroen hopes it'll inject some passion and verve into minivans, but is the C3 Picasso as creative or as tech-rich as Citroen would have us believe?

Loin stirring

It's certainly attractive. Whereas the previous C3 Picasso looked as if it fell out of the meh tree and grazed itself slightly on every branch on the way down, this model stirs something in our loins. It's boxy yet curvaceous and has plenty of intricate detailing, so there's always something interesting to see no matter where you look. We're no art experts, but we're pretty sure Citroen's designers borrowed a little inspiration from the real Picasso's Cubist movement.

C3 Picasso line-in port

Once inside, we made a beeline for the audio entertainment system. This consists of a dash-mounted CD player that reads regular audio discs, plus data discs containing MP3 files. You also get a line-in port, which let you connect your audio player to the speakers via a cable, plus a USB port. You simply put MP3 tracks on to a memory key, plug it in, and the system plays the audio through the C3 Picasso's six speakers. Sound quality was fairly lacklustre, but that's par for the course in this class of car.

Out with the analogue

Citroen has done away with analogue instruments. On the centre of the dashboard, you'll find three digital displays -- one for telling you the status of critical components, one for the audio playback systems, and another for the digital speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge. We particularly like the speedo: it's clear and mounted in an area close to the driver's natural line of sight. The other two screens are less impressive -- they're not particularly readable, and that could prove dangerous while the vehicle is in motion.

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