BlueAnt Supertooth 3 review:

BlueAnt Supertooth 3

The next step is where the Supertooth 3 sets itself apart from a lot of other speakerphones--it will automatically go into phonebook transfer mode. If your phone does not support automatic transfer, you can do so manually (if your phone supports phonebook transfers at all--BlackBerry and most smartphone owners might have to do this). The reason behind the phonebook transfer is so it'll recognize caller ID, and say something like "Call from John" when there's an incoming call. Next, you can activate voice answer if you wish, which lets you speak voice commands like "Answer," "OK, "Accept," or "Accept Call" to answer a call. However, the voice answer won't work if you don't wait for a loud beep after the caller ID is spoken. In our tests, the voice answer worked pretty well, but if our cell phone ringer was set particularly loud, the speakerphone sometimes could not hear us accept the call. Also, you can't use your voice to end the call--you'll have to hit the red button to manually end it. This is pretty good, since you won't be able to accidentally end the call.

Features on the Supertooth 3 also include an automatic vibration sensor reconnection. So if you open and close the door to get in the car, it'll sense the vibrations and automatically find your handset to reconnect. Other features include voice command and dialing if your phone supports it.

It also has full duplex sound and noise suppression/echo cancellation technologies. Our tests definitely support this--we could hear our callers just fine, and they could hear us very well, too. They did report some echo and static at times, but it wasn't a deterrent to conversation. Volume was definitely loud enough. We're a bit soft-spoken, so we sometimes found we had to speak up quite a bit, even when the microphone was directed toward us, but that is common with most speakerphones.

The Supertooth 3 comes with an in-car charger plus an AC adapter. It has a rated talk time of 15 hours and a standby time of 33.3 days.

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