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BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset review:

BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

With the Q2, BlueAnt has partnered with Bing to include a few custom voice commands. You can say "Call information" for a Bing-411 call, and say "Favorites" to access a list of Bing shortcuts. When the headset says, "Which favorite?" you can say eight different voice commands: "Movies" to find showtimes and theater information; "Navigate" to get directions; "News" for the latest news headlines; "Sports" for sports results; "Stock quotes" for market updates; "Traffic" for the latest traffic conditions; "Weather" for the forecast; and "Information" for the main Bing menu. Each of these commands will ask you for additional information (like your city and state or which sports score you're interested in) for more-detailed results. At any time, you can say "Tell me my choices" for a whole list of options. We admit, this is quite a lot of commands to remember, but we're glad to see they're available. We tried this a few times, and we're pleased to say it works as promised.

Call quality is really fabulous. The performance is similar to what we experienced with the BlueAnt T1, especially because of BlueAnt's Wind Armour Technology that promises great audio quality even in wind speeds of up to 22 mph. Though we weren't able to replicate exactly that, we did make a few test calls while positioned in front of a noisy fan, and we were surprised when our callers could still hear us. Callers did report some busy muffled background noise, but our voice still came through above it.

We also made a few calls while in a moving vehicle and in an outdoor cafe. Thanks to the Q2's voice isolation and noise-canceling features, callers could hardly hear us loud and clear, though background noise wasn't eliminated completely. As for us, we could hear them clearly, too, with clean and natural voice quality.

The BlueAnt Q2 also has A2DP streaming so we're able to listen to music and the turn-by-turn navigation directions on the phone. BlueAnt is also keen to point out that it works with Vlingo Safereader, an Android app that will read out incoming text messages and emails to you. That said, this feature isn't unique to the Q2--any headset with A2DP will work--but it's good to know anyway. Other features include multipoint connectivity so you can connect up to two devices simultaneously.

The BlueAnt Q2 comes with a USB cable for charging and future firmware updates, and a small velvet carrying pouch. It has a rated battery life of 5 hours talk time and 4.2 days standby time.

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