Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air review:

Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case, indeed

Typing is very enjoyable, with keys that feel good and are a nice size. A few outer keys are shifted or combined; the colon/semicolon is in a different place than usual, for instance. But on the whole, it's better than the Fabricskin from Logitech, which combines Caps Lock and the A key, or Tab and Q. I wrote this whole review on the keyboard, and found my error rate far lower and my typing speed much quicker than on the Fabricskin. Response time is excellent, too; I didn't experience any significant lag or stuttering.

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The Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case charges via Micro-USB and comes with a cable in the box. A full charge should last over a month, which I couldn't vet out in my limited several-week use window. But I can tell you I haven't needed to recharge yet, and I didn't even charge the keyboard out of the box.

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The case folds back on itself to a semiraised "tablet mode," useful for when you just want to read or watch movies. The 0.92-pound case adds thickness and nearly doubles the weight of the iPad Air, but it's fine as a case when seated on a train or a plane flight, and the keyboard keys don't get accidentally pressed when folded up: that clever auto-on magnetic pairing system deactivates the keys the moment the case is undocked.

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The one drawback: the rear plastic snap-on shell feels a little cheap and possibly breakable. That's why I still lean toward the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, because there are fewer fragile parts. But, if you want full case protection and a great keyboard, this premium Belkin case is the ultimate, indeed.

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