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Asus G75VW


The G75VW stuffs in a whopping 17.3-inch display, which should be plenty big enough for all the gaming and movie fun you could want. It has a full 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution, which is of course what I'd expect on a machine of this size and price. Small text is sharp and the flurries of snow in the visually stunning snowboarding documentary The Art of Flight look delightfully crisp.

It's bright too, and deliciously bold, making gory headshots appear more stomach-churning than ever. Your films and TV shows will look great on this display, and even if you do find yourself wanting to fix your eyes on a massive telly screen you can always hook up to one via the HDMI port.

Asus G75VW
Throw all your movies and games at the screen and they'll sparkle.

Sadly though it's not touch enabled. That's not going to matter to the hardcore gamers among you who'll no doubt plug in all kinds of fancy controllers, but it does mean you can't swipe and poke your way around Windows 8. Instead, you have to use the touchpad, which isn't as pleasant or indeed as fun.

The screen has a matte coating though which helps dramatically reduce the amount of reflections. Even under the harsh office lights of the CNET UK office, I wasn't left staring back at my face as I generally find on glossy screened laptops.

Power and performance

As a gaming laptop with such a princely price tag, you'd be right to expect a blistering set of specs inside. Thankfully, that's exactly what you get. An Intel Core i7-3610QM processor clocked at 2.3GHz provides the driving force, backed up by 8GB of RAM. To help smash your way through the polygons, you'll also find an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M graphics card with 3GB of VRAM.

Unsurprisingly, it churned out an impressive score on my benchmark tests. It achieved 13,605 on the Geekbench tool, putting it squarely in the top-performing laptops around. By comparison, MSI's GT680 -- a gaming brute from 2011 -- scored 7,713 on the same test. Asus' own Zenbook U500 scored a similarly impressive 12,345, but it doesn't have the same graphics grunt inside.

Toshiba's Qosmio X870-11Q managed to achieved almost exactly the same score. It isn't directly available now but its direct replacement, the X870-144, has been given the latest processors and has double the RAM. It's a bit more expensive, but it could be worth a look if the extra RAM is important to you.

The G75VW has enough juice to tackle any general computing task you can throw it without so much as a hint of argument, and will casually tackle more demanding requests like photo and video editing with ease. Of course, what you really want is to crack out the energy drinks and get down to some serious gaming.

Asus G75VW
There's not much the G75VW can't power through at lightning speed.

As it happens, it puts on a great show here too. When playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD -- which runs on the demanding Unreal graphics engine -- it was able to achieve an impressive frame rate of 62fps at full 1080p resolution. It coped similarly well with Skyrim too. The settings were automatically set to 'ultra high quality' and it was still able to achieve an average of around 40fps.

It wasn't quite so keen on Metro 2033 however. At full resolution and with the settings ramped to the max it only managed to provide around 10fps in intense scenes, making the game stuttery and unplayable, where it's usually glossy. With the settings dropped to 'normal' though, it managed around 25fps in high intensity areas and up to around 40fps in quieter scenes. It won't keep the hardcore elite gamers happy, but it's enough to satisfy the more casual player.

Toshiba's Qosmio X870, however, managed to maintain around 25fps on Metro 2033. They both achieved upwards of 75fps on rally racer Dirt 3 though, so there doesn't seem to be much between them -- surprising, as the G75VW boasts, on paper at least, a more burly graphics card.


The Asus G75VW might be pricey, but it offers a lot for your money. The Full HD screen is excellent and its performance for both computing tasks and gaming is great. If you want a laptop to take in and out of work then it's not for you, but for fragging your friends from the sofa, it's a good option to consider.

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