Advanced Mobile Care for Android review:

Beautifully simple optimizer and system scanner

The App Manager offers a convenient interface for clearing storage space on your device. It lets you sort your apps by name, size, or even frequency of use, and in a few taps either move them to your SD card or uninstall them. We found this neat tabbed interface to be significantly easier to use (and faster) than Android's built-in application manager. However, we still think it needs a true batch uninstaller. As it is now, the batch uninstall feature asks you for a confirmation between each individual uninstallation, regrettably, which nullifies its convenience altogether. What a shame.

The Game Speeder is a unique feature that lets you launch games directly from Advanced Mobile Care's interface. Whenever you use it, it's supposed to optimize your mobile device's settings specifically for gameplay. In our tests, we didn't notice any remarkable improvements in our games' performance, but the tool definitely didn't do any harm.

There's also Cloud Backup and Privacy Advisor. The former conveniently keeps call logs and contacts safe in the cloud, while the latter takes inventory of the apps that use your privacy information. From Privacy Advisor's list of apps, you can easily uninstall any title that you believe to be overreaching.

Not every tool that comes with Advanced Mobile Care works as expected. One feature recommends other apps for you to download and is more or less useless.

Interestingly, the app also includes a Privacy Locker feature that, while useful, doesn't seem to fit with the app's other utilities. Nevertheless, it works well, and is a handy tool for anyone who needs to secretly store files. Similar to NQ Mobile's Vault app, this Privacy Locker lets you keep videos, pictures, and other files locked up and out of the reach of anyone without your secret passcode.

With all of its nifty features, our biggest knock on Advanced Mobile Care is that it doesn't come with any support materials to help you understand exactly what it's doing behind the scenes (case in point: Game Speeder). Sure, the app is easy enough to use, but for someone seeking a little more background information on its scanning and repairing processes and optimization settings, it is completely underwhelming. A Help section would be a welcome addition.

Still, Advanced Mobile Care is a beautifully simple app that quickly scans your Android system for any potentially harmful issues and repairs them in only a few taps. That alone makes it worth the download. But on top of that, it comes with a handful of optimization tools that should make your Android computing experience just a little bit zippier.

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