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Adobe Voice for iPad review:

The easiest way to create slick-looking presentations

Create a narrative

The narrative to every presentation revolves around your voice. Simply touch and hold the microphone icon to start speaking and let go when you're done explaining the first slide. From there you can add images, icons, or typed text that will show up on each slide as the recipient listens to your description. Repeat this process for every slide, and Adobe Voice automatically creates your presentation.

You also have options for slide layouts that can show two things side-by-side, a thing (such as a photo) with a caption, and other layouts you can choose to best display your content.

To give your presentation a personal touch, Adobe Voice has 30 different themes, and several options for fonts, background music, and photos (either from your iPad or other cloud services), so you can create something unique every time. The app automatically provides slide transitions and other behind the scenes tweaks that make sure your presentation comes out consistently looking and sounding professional, so all you need to worry about is the story you're telling.

One possible issue here for some people is that you can't control slide transitions. The app does it well on its own, but adding transitions as another means for personalizing your work would be great.

Sharing your work

When you're finished with your presentation, you can share it via email, by copying and sending the link, or through iMessage, or you can share it to Facebook or Twitter. You'll need a free Adobe ID to access these options, but it's easy to sign up right there within the app.

One thing I did notice is that the upload can take awhile depending on your connection, so be aware that you're going to have to wait during this part of the process.


Adobe Voice makes creating a quick, but good-looking presentation accessible to just about anyone. The interface is easy to use on its own, and clear tutorials are there to help you when you need them.

I like how the app helps you with common story narratives, but stays out of your way to make your presentation any way you like. Also, the sheer number of options for background music, themes, and fonts gives you a ton of flexibility.

I wish the app worked in landscape mode, but overall, if you just want to create a quick presentation, Adobe Voice gives you an elegant result and only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

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