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Herding rhinos is tough work

Just you calm down, otters

Taming some happy dolphins

Keeping the rheas calm

Even penguins need to be tamed

Slow and steady controls the tortoise

Chickens definitely need to be trained

Surviving a kangaroo attack

These cute quokkas need some structure

Calm down, zebra-saurus!

By all accounts, "Jurassic World" has been a runaway success, shattering US and global box office records in its opening weekend.

One of the best scenes from the film sees Owen Grady, played by actor Chris Pratt, trying to play lion tamer by calming down a trio of velociraptors on the attack. The scene has inspired zookeepers around the world to do the same, and then to post pictures of themselves striking the pose with all sorts of wild animals using the hashtag #JurassicZoo.

The folks at Lion County Safari in Loxahatchee, Fla., posted this picture of a zookeeper trying to calm a group of Southern White Rhinos.

Caption by / Photo by Lion County Safari

Next up is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, which posted this cute picture of a staff member training a group of super cute so-called veloci-otters.

Caption by / Photo by Georgia Aquarium

Aquatic creatures need to be kept under control too, and Susan Walker from the National Aquarium in Baltimore looks to have this dolphin duo in check.

Caption by / Photo by Susan Walker/National Aquarium

Santa Ana Zoo zookeeper Nicole Leslie in Southern California shows she definitely has what it takes to keep these rheas in check. At least she doesn't have to worry about these birds flying away from her.

Caption by / Photo by Nicole Leslie

Whether they're on the land or in the sea, penguins need to be tamed or else they'll get out of hand. This photo by the California Academy of Sciences shows that zookeepers at the San Francisco facility are doing a great job keeping those penguins from misbehaving.

Caption by / Photo by California Academy of Sciences

Audrey Niemeyer of North Carolina's Greensboro Science Center posted this picture of a zookeeper telling some big tortoises to stand down.

Caption by / Photo by Audrey Niemeyer/Greensboro Science Center

Anyone who has owned chickens knows just how much of a pain it can be to herd them. Somehow, Jason Smyth of Crewe, England, managed to keep his three hens in check long enough to pose for a picture, thus cementing his place as a certified chicken whisperer. Kudos to him.

Caption by / Photo by Jason Smyth

Oh no! One of the kangaroos didn't listen to Gumbaya Park zookeeper Jess Stockton, who is trying to calm down the kangaroos in Australia with the moves she learned from Chris Pratt. The other kangaroos seem to be OK though.

Caption by / Photo by Jess S/Gumbaya Park

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, uploaded this picture of a zookeeper trying to keep the adorable quokkas in line. Seems like she's doing a pretty good job, and the only chaos the quokkas will create is an overdose of cuteness.

Caption by / Photo by Taronga Zoo

Kelly Lauren posted this picture of Chessington Zoo zookeeper Ben Cherry with some adorable zebras in the UK. Fortunately, it seems the zebra-sauruses aren't going to be causing too much mayhem, and just want to graze around the zoo grounds.

Caption by / Photo by Kelly Lauren
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