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CNET UK readers and Facebook fans are a creative bunch and you always blow us away whenever we ask you to put your talents to the test in one of our artistic challenges.

We recently threw down the gauntlet by asking you what scenes you could Photoshop our cuddly Droidy into, and promised to post the best pictures right here on the site. As fine art experts enthusiasts, our reactions to your splendid entries ranged from exclamations of "just sublime!" to "so profound!" to "LOL", but to put it simply, they were all brilliant.

True to our word then, we have gathered all your Droidy-splattered masterpieces into the gallery above. Click the buttons above to glide through the photo gallery and see your photo-editing talents on display.

Iconic photographs of historical events and famous portraits have been doctored to make room for our green friend. Droidy's found himself gatecrashing an album cover, a game of Angry Birds and a space mission.

A couple of you even cheekily succeeded in sneaking Droidy past the Apple bouncers into a product launch and onto an iPhone homescreen. Who knew neon robots could be so stealthy?

Never ones to resist an opportunity for larking about on Photoshop, our buddies over at Gamespot also joined in. After noticing a resemblance between our favourite desktop plushie and our favourite sc-fi robot, they produced a glorious hybrid R2D2-Droidy-bot.

Thank you so much to all of you who entered. It warms our cockles to know that our Facebook fans are so dedicated -- not to mention dab-hands with photo-editing software. Much respect y'all. Here's a video we made on an iPad 2 last year to celebrate you and your talents.

Can you spot your Droidy in the hall of fame, or do you have a favourite among the entries? Let us know in the comments below, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more challenges.

Here Droidy's been 'shopped into an oil painting from C.M Coolidge's famous 'Dogs Playing Poker' series. Bonus points to Marc Crane for squishing in the CNET team. Can you spot us?
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That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Droid-kind -- Liam O'Malley sends Droidy on a lunar exploration mission.
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Forget the birds, the projectile you really need to tackle those greedy pigs is an airborne Droidy -- as 'shopped by Sociabull.
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This is the Droidy we're looking for! Thanks go to our pals over at Gamespot who spotted the resemblance between our two favourite robots.
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Nathan Hunt clearly brings out Droidy's cheeky side -- he appears to have crashed an Apple product launch.
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We had no idea that Droidy was musical until he popped up on one of the most iconic album covers of all time. Thanks again to Sociabull for exposing Droidy's hidden talents.
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Android for iOS? We never thought we'd see the day! Gez Llewelyn has helped Droidy subtly infiltrate a rival operating system and land himself a prime homescreen spot.
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Erica Rosie made this sublime Simba Droid
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Captain Kirk vs Droidy by Ro Atkinson. Can he withstand the onslaught of a phaser set to kill?
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