You've just spent £500 on your new iPhone, and aside from the crushing disappointment that came from realising that Apple specialises in form over function, you're very happy with your shiny new phone. Then disaster -- you're having a whale of a time FaceTiming some Hoxton-dwelling bequiffed pillock when your precious iPhone falls from your hand. Its impractical but shiny glass screen shatters, and you cry bitter tears of loss.

What's most tragic about this totally fictional, but plausible, story is it was totally preventable by a very reasonable investment in some sort of protective plastic wrap. Like the one Wrapsol kindly sent us for appraisal, the Ultra. We fitted it to one of the many iPhones we keep in the office specifically for testing iPhone cases.

The Wrapsol is a dry application case, which means it's possible to remove the film and re-apply it if you get it wonky. And, trust us, you will get it wonky. Our kit included everything we needed, including side protectors, which should help with the 'death grip' problem. You also get a pretty yellow cloth to clean the phone before you put the protectors on and a little rubber thing that helps push air bubbles away.

The Wrapsol also has one other cool feature -- it reduces the amount of glare you see on the screen. That means it's harder to check your hair is still cool, when you're riding around on your push-scooter, but it makes looking at the phone and using it much easier. A tough call, we know.

The Ultra costs around $30 (£20), and shipping to the UK is either $7 (£4.60) for USPS Ground, or $21 (£14) for FedEx, which has the advantage of being trackable. We think the most cost-effective solution for this would be to gather several of your Shorditch buddies to buy one at the same time you do, and then ship them all together.

The little rubber thing is designed to help you push air bubbles out, and it does work.
The Wrapsol box suggests you keep hold of this cleaning cloth. We agree: it's very handy for cleaning your phone screen or polishing your fingernails.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow. We didn't bother and got dust and hair all over our screen.
The first step is to clean the phone.
We didn't follow Wrapsol's directions here. Learn from our mistake and do what it says, kids.
Lots of bubbles. We re-applied the cover as per Wrapsol's guidelines and it went on much smoother.
Buffing out more air bubbles.
The back was a smoother process, and after all, air bubbles and trapped dirt are less visible here.
Lining up the edge shield was harder, but it worked fine in the end.
There you go, that's the whole phone covered.
As a nice bonus, we noticed the signal strength was a little better.


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