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To say that the Crossfade LP headphones are different than the rest of V-Moda's earphones is a bit of an understatement. The Remix line includes only supertiny in-ear models, whereas the Crossfades are monsters in comparison.
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These are true full-size cans with large, ultracushy padded earcups and a nice, thick padded headband. The result is a comfortable fit for nearly every head size and shape, though the 'phones did tend to make our ears slightly sweaty and itchy after extended wear; it wasn't excessive, though.
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The style of the Crossfade LP is definitely eye-catching, to the point where one tester didn't feel "hard core" enough to pull them off. The headphones come in a choice of three colors--gunmetal black, phantom chrome, or white pearl--and each version features shiny metallic plates fastened on the earcups and headband with mini bolts.
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The stylishness extends to the Crossfade LP headphones' detachable cables, which V-Moda coats in a patterned gray and black cloth and terminate in what has become the company's signature hose nozzle plug. The cord is extra thick and the plugs are gold-plated, which adds to the overall feel of high-quality construction. Also nice is that one of the detachable cables includes an inline mic as well as playback and volume controls that work with the iPhone and iPod.
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In addition, the package includes a quarter-inch adapter, a carabineer clip, and a heavy-duty hard-sided case. Unfortunately, the Crossfade LP headphones do not fold down at all, so transporting them is a bulky affair.
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Until we started testing the Crossfade LP's audio quality, they were quite living up to their $250 price tag. Sadly, the sound quality is not up to snuff when compared with other sets in that range. In fact, our $80 Creative Aurvana Live headphones offer cleaner, more-balanced audio than the Crossfade LPs do.
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