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Greetings, programs. Tron: Legacy has inspired a team of designers and architects to create a home styled on the recent sci-fi sequel. The house will be on exhibition as part of Milan Design Week. Click through our pictures to see the movie-inspired home where you can take your tea and toilet time Tron-style.

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between chemical company DuPont and schmaltz factory Disney. The designs are built from Corian, a zany DuPont-created material that can be seamlessly moulded into any shape to make kitchen worktops and bathrooms sinks, for example. Each room has the distinctive neon-lined Tron lookthanks to electroluminescent film and LED lighting.

Pictured above is the 'bathroom and wellness area', designed by Italian architect Marco Piva. The home also includes a home-cinema set-up that'll show off your 3D Blu-rays in fine style. To see the real thing, just hop on your light cycle and pop over to Milan between 12 and 17 April.

Tron: Legacy looks stunning, but is sadly rubbish. Highlights include Jeff Bridges channelling the Dude, Michael Sheen channelling David Bowie, and Olivia Wilde channelling a skin-tight jumpsuit, but the plot is a rehash of the first film and none of it makes any sense. What really bothered us was the fact that real-world physics apparently apply to the Grid, which is not only unimaginative but flat out contradicts the first film. But what the heck -- enjoy the 3D and the brilliant Daft Punk soundtrack.

The look of Tron has captured the imagination of creative types all over the world, inspiring everything from headphones to cars. It even influenced a recent Versace collection.

Tron: Legacy is out on DVD and 3D Blu-ray on 5 April. Tron isn't the only film that could influence your home. Imagine using an Inception toilet. What film would you model your house on? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook wall. Finally, click here to see our five most ludicrous home-cinema set-ups ever.

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Here's the kitchen and dining area, designed by Laura Aquili and Ergian Alberg.
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Behold the bedroom area, designed by Ilaria Marelli.
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Here's the home-theatre area, designed by Dror Benshetrit and Giulio Cappellini. It's like being in the Grid!
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Are you feeling the wellness?
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