We love the iPad and, ever since that big HR meeting, we've learned to love clothes too. Consequently, we're sweating with excitement at the thought of this iPad-stashing waistcoat, which transforms into a trendy man-bag. It's the perfect accessory for the tablet-toting chap or chapette about town.

The design is the result of a competition run by accessories manufacturer Proporta and the presumably bequiffed London College of Fashion. Our very own mobile guru Flora Graham sat on the judging panel, which is how we know this transforming gadget gilet is the crème de la crème of tech fashion.

Click through the photos above to examine the foldable garment in detail, and check out some of the runner-up designs too. The top three entries will be incorporated into Proporta's catalogue, so, while they're not on sale now, they will be at some point.

The winning design belongs to Anne Ten Have. One moment it's a hooded waistcoat, and the next you'll be blowing the minds of all in the vicinity, ripping the item open to reveal your concealed iPad. It would be perfect for protecting the iPad from the rain and also means you can play Angry Birds on the Tube with your tablet strapped into a mugger-baffling sleeve.

Fold the waistcoat up and it turns into a handsome gentleman's bag that doubles as a media stand.

The joint second-prize entries belong to Crystal Fischetti and Sungmin Han. One is a handbag with a subtly disguised iPad sleeve, while the other is a handbag that transforms into a wedge for comfy typing and video watching.

An ordinary waistcoat it would seem, but... pow! Open it up and you've got a sneakily concealed iPad sleeve.
It folds up into this bag, which in itself is not that exciting...
...until you fold it into a media stand! How'd you like them apples? This design is by Anne Ten Have.
This is Crystal Fischetti's handbag design. "Another boring bag?" you cry -- but you've not learned your lesson from the last bag, because...
...pow! There's a concealed iPad sleeve. Excellent.
This demure handbag was crafted by Sungmin Han. Guess what it does. Go on, guess.
That's right -- out pops an iPad, like it's the most natural thing in the world.
Flip it around and you've got a wedge-shaped iPad stand, for typing, watching movies and playing Infinity Blade.
Here's a final shot of the winning design.


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