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Toshiba is one of the bigger names in the budget reaches of the camcorder market, and is continuing to blur the gap between the no-frills ilk of the Flip Video Mino and proper high-definition models. Two new models, the Toshiba Camileo H20 and P30, shoot 1080p in small packages.

New features include night mode, which boosts image quality when you're wandering around in the dark. Both models include an HDMI connection and YouTube uploading. The design of the cameras has also been spruced up, as you'll see from our photos: they sport a blue gloss finish and red Camileo tag, scrubbing up much better than last year's workmanlike Toshiba Camileo Pro.

Pictured above is the P30, a pistol grip-style model. It records 1080p in H.264 HD format and packs a 5x optical zoom. Inside is a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor.

The H20 also features a 5-megapixel CMOS and 5x zoom but in a more conventional barrel shape. The barrel form factor affords the H20 a bigger screen than the P30. Click through the photos for a closer look, and UK pricing and availability.

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The P30 sports a 64mm (2.5-inch) LCD screen and will set you back a perfectly reasonable £150.
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The H20 is a traditionally modelled camcorder that shoots 1080p.
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The H20 boasts a large, 76mm (3-inch) TFT LCD screen.
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Toshiba claims a 32GB SDHC card will hold up to 8 hours of 1080p footage, with approximately 15 minutes of 1080p footage for every 1GB of space.
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The H20 will set you back £180.
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