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Apple iPod Touch

Simply the best portable music player money can buy, the iPod Touch supports virtually every music service under the sun. It also offers wireless streams over Bluetooth or AirPlay and downloads music directly from the world's most popular music store, iTunes.

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AiAiAi TMA1 Professional DJ Monitoring Headphone

With an even helping of tight bass, level mids, and sharp high tones, the TMA-1s complemented every genre of music we pumped through them, so we won't limit our recommendation of them to DJs alone. The tough constructions and efficient sound isolation means that students, mixing engineers, commuters, and office jockeys will all enjoy their standout performance.

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Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolation Earphones

Logitech lowered the price of the Ultimate Ears 700 to $150 when it took over the company a few years back, which makes these headphones some of the most affordable dual-driver earbuds on the market right now. You'll notice a big difference in sound if you're upgrading from the stock headphones that came with your music player, and as long as you don't mind the lack of a remote control on the cord, the Ultimate Ears 700 headphones won't disappoint.

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Logitech Wireless Boombox for iPad

Priced competitively at $150, the Logitech Wireless Boombox offers high fidelity sound to release your tunes from an iPad or other Bluetooth device, but its bulky footprint won't likely make its way to your next picnic or backyard barbecue.

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Sonos Play:3

An elegant way to add streaming music to your home, the Sonos Play:3 is easily controlled by any iOS or Android device.

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