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Plants vs. Zombies

Finally, the Aussie iPad launch is upon us, and the first thing many of us will be doing is getting our mitts on a bunch of apps. Here's our line-up of some of the top iPad apps that are available on Australian shores.

This is a fun and completely addictive strategy game in which you fight the ravening zombie hordes with flower power. We loved it on the iPhone; the size of the iPad really enriches and widens the scope of the game. AU$12.99

Photo by: PopCap Games


Borders' brand-spankin'-new ebook store-slash-e-reader for the iPad allows you to purchase and read books with a customisable reading interface. Free

Photo by: REDgroup Retail Online


Keep up-to-date with your ABC viewing; the ABC app lets you browse and watch programs from the ABC. Free

Photo by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Pocket Weather World HD

Check out the weather at over 60,000 locations all over the globe. Do you need 60,000 locations? Probably not, but surely it can't hurt. A built-in GPS will detect your own location for seven-day forecasts, with large, at-a-glance icons. AU$2.49

Photo by: shiftyjelly

Explore YouTube

This app does exactly what it sounds like, but with a gorgeous, newly designed iPad interface. Browse, organise and watch videos, create playlists and interact with other YouTubers. AU$3.99

Photo by: Active-TV Technology


A fascinating, dynamic comic reader with both free and paid comics available from a range of big league and indie comic publishers, as well as creator-owned titles. The interface may not look as good as Marvel's, but Comics has a greater range of titles to choose from — and more for free, too. Free

Photo by: comiXology

TweetDeck for iPad

Keep up-to-date with Twitter with TweetDeck, which shows you everything that's happening on one handy page. Free

Photo by: TweetDeck


Amazon's ebook store and reader. It doesn't have as great a range of titles available as the Borders app, but the interface is a pleasure to read with. Free

Photo by:


The most comprehensive free cooking app available, with browsing and searching, an account-bound recipe book and kitchen-friendly viewing. You'll probably need an imperial-to-metric converter to hand as well, though. Free

Photo by: Conde Nast Digital

N.O.V.A – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD

A sci-fi first-person shooter with intuitive touch controls, single-player game and multiplayer support for up to four players in a deathmatch. Think Halo meets Doom on the iPad. AU$8.99

Photo by: Gameloft

Concise Oxford English Dictionary

You may not think a dictionary very interesting, but having one to hand with a quick search function and accurate definitions is certainly useful. With this app, the entire dictionary is saved to your iPad, so no waiting for connection to the web for a definition. AU$9.99

Photo by: Paragon Software Group

IMDb Movies & TV is the most comprehensive database for film and television out there, and the iPad version is a completely redesigned and more user-friendly interface, allowing you to search information, view reviews and watch trailers. Free

Photo by:

Instapaper Pro

Instapaper Pro allows you to save web pages for offline reading with the touch of an icon that it adds to the Safari browser. Sounds simple, but if you're a regular browser, you'll probably find yourself using it every day — well worth six bucks. AU$5.99

Photo by: Marco Arment

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is a super-smooth and fun image creation program. It has such a range of customisable tools, but it's easy to use, which means it's equally suitable for casual doodlers as it is for more serious artists and designers. AU$9.99

Photo by: Autodesk
Photo by: Cultured Code

Wikipanion for iPad

Ever wanted to take Wikipedia with you wherever you go? With Wikipanion, you can! Free

Photo by: Robert Chin

Alice for the iPad

Usually we wouldn't recommend a single book in a list of this kind, but Alice is such a lovely experience we couldn't resist. The beautifully designed pages are animated and react to all sorts of movements, such as tilting, shaking and touching the screen. The good news is, there's a free version that allows you to try before you buy. AU$11.99

Photo by: Atomic Envelope


Play a track or even sing at SoundHound to identify a tune, and it can come back with lyrics, videos and even download tracks via iTunes. It's also one of the most comprehensive music recognition programs available. AU$5.99

Photo by: Melodis Corp

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

It's science, Jim, but not as we know it. This periodic table is fully animated, giving you information about each element, high-definition 360-degree samples of each that you can explore by touching and rotating. It even supports 3D viewing with stereoscopic glasses. Amazing. AU$16.99

Photo by: Theodore Gray

1Password Pro

With every second site you visit requiring an account these days, it can be hard to keep track of usernames and passwords. 1Password Pro takes care of that for you; all you need is one password for your password safe, and it will store usernames, passwords, credit card details and even URLs for you. AU$17.99

Photo by: Agile Web Solutions


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