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Samsung WF457 Washer

With an 8-inch LCD touch screen and remote smartphone controls, a smarter laundry experience could be the gift that keeps on giving.

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Samsung DV457 Dryer

If you're going all out, you'll want to pair Samsung's smart washer with its matching smart dryer, the DV457.

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GE Profile Double Convection Wall Oven

Pro tip: give your favorite foodie the gift of a smart oven, then enjoy the gift of the amazing holiday meals cooked in it for years to come.

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LG SmartThinQ Refrigerator

LG's smart appliances are powerful, luxurious, app-driven machines, and the SmartThinQ Refrigerator is no exception.

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Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer

With Whirlpool's "6th Sense Live" smart technology, this washing machine could be an intelligent upgrade for a loved one's home.


Whirlpool Smart Front Load Electric Dryer

No fireplace? Whirlpool's smart dryer is the perfect place to dry those stockings.

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