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Chloe and Olivia

Country: Australia

Day job: Chloe is a special needs teacher and Olivia is an IT consultant

Playing for: Two and-a-half years and one year

Colours: Chloe plays red. Olivia plays red and black, black and white

Chloe: "I like to play because it's completely consuming and you can leave the rest of the world behind and focus on the game."

Olivia: "The rules are easy to learn and it's fun."

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Jon Finkel (Pro)

Country: USA

Accomplishments: 12 Pro Tour Top 8s, 3 Grand Prix wins. Hall of Fame inductee and one of Magic's most successful players.

Day job: Investment banking

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Seth Manfield (Pro)

Country: USA

Day job: Professional Magic player

Accomplishments: 5 Grand Prix wins

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng


Country: UK

Day job: Company director at a forklift retailer

Playing for: 18 months

Colours: Black and white

"It keeps me occupied while I'm doing astrophotography."

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Amelia (judge)

Country: Australia

Day job: Engineering student

Playing for: Three years, judging for one year

Colours: Blue and white

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Reid Duke (Pro)

Country: USA

Playing for: 21 years

Accomplishments: 4 Grand Prix wins

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Sashi Balakrishnan (judge)

Country: Malaysia

Level two judge since 2010

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Paolo Vitor Damo da Rosa (Pro)

Country: Brazil

Accomplishments: 1 Pro Tour win, 10 Top 8s, 2 Grand Prix wins

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Olivier Ruel (Pro)

Country: France

Accomplishments: 5 Grand Prix wins, Most Grand Prix Top 8s of any Magic player (28)

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng


Country: Australia

Day job: Full-time student, retail

Playing for: 5 years

Colours: Red and green

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng

Craig Wescoe (Pro)

Country: USA

Day job: Professional Magic player, writes for

Accomplishments: 1 Pro Tour win, 1 Grand Prix win

Photo by: CNET/Dave Cheng


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