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Christmas Gift Guide

Apple iMac 27-inch

Dell XPS One 27

HP Pavilion 23 1000z

Sony Vaio Tap 20

Looking to give big this year with a new all-in-one PC? These are the best available right now.

About 18 months between refreshes, Apple's flagship Mac is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. That doesn't make its 27-inch 2,560x1,440-pixel display any less gorgeous though.
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The only Windows all-in-one to match the high-end iMac in both screen size and resolution, the Dell XPS One 27 has just received a Windows 8 makeover. A touch screen and a new sliding base make this one of the best Windows PCs available.
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HP's 23-inch budget all-in-one doesn't have a lot of extras, but at under $700, it's hard to knock the price.
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Sony's new all-in-one -- or is it a tablet? -- is one of the most innovative Windows 8 launch PCs. A 20-inch all-in-one with a battery, the Vaio Tap 20 offers the mobility of a tablet (over a short range, anyway) and the large display of a proper desktop.
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