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<b>Rhythm Heaven</b> - April 5 - Rated E (DS)

<b>The Godfather II</b> - April 7 - Rated M (360, PS3, PC)

<b>Flock</b> - April 7 - Rated E (Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC)

<b>Ninja Blade</b> - April 7 - Rated M (360)

<b>Excitebots: Trick Racing</b> - April 20 - Rated E (Wii)

<b>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</b> - April 30 - Rating Pending (Multiplatform)

Rhythm Heaven is an exclusive DS title that forces you to keep a beat in order to progress.
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Become a part of the family in the sequel to the EA crime drama simulator. New in The Godfather II is the "Don's view," a unique look at the city and where you control crime in it.
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Flock is a downloadable puzzle game that puts you in charge of an alien UFO that must herd farm animals.
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Ninja Blade is an action game set in modern-day Tokyo. You are part of an elite ninja soldier program that must battle an alien race that has invaded the city.
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Excitebots: Trick Racing takes Excite Truck to a whole new level. The sequel to the Wii launch game has you performing stunts and tricks in addition to conventional racing.
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Coinciding with the release of the film with the same name, X-Men Origins: Wolverine lets you play as Logan, the man who inevitably becomes the X-Men hero Wolverine.
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