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This year at CES a bevy of kitchen appliances both big and small were surprisingly sophisticated. Some had AI voice control baked right in like Instant Pot-style multicookers, mobile cooking apps, even microwave ovens. Others brought huge touchscreens to stoves or simply helped you avoid overfeeding fido.

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Whirlpool Smart Over-the-Range Microwave

Whirlpool's Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Over-the-Range Microwave will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa beginning in spring 2018. The microwave's touchscreen control panel also keeps track of what you're cooking so it will eventually begin to predict what you'll cook next.

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Whirlpool Smart Front-Control Range

Whirlpool's Smart Front-Control Range, along with the company's other internet-connected appliances, will work with the voice-activated Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa assistant.

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Gourmia GKM9000 multicooker

Small appliance manufacturer Gourmia will include the voice-activated Google Assistant platform in its GKM9000 multicooker. This integration means you can access all the features of Google Assistant from this small, countertop appliance using voice commands that you trigger with the phrase, "Hey, Google."

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GE Appliances 27-inch kitchen hub

GE Appliances has created a smart home hub designed to act as the control center of your kitchen. The hub also contains two cameras: a forward-facing camera that lets you video chat and a cooktop-facing camera so you can capture and post pictures of your meals in progress.

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Innit smart cooking app

Cooking app Innit that connects recipes to Wi-Fi ovens will now work with the voice-activated Google Assistant. Users can give voice commands to navigate through the app, which is available for iOS and Android. You'll also be able to give voice commands to GE and Bosch Wi-Fi ovens.

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YaDoggie Bluetooth dog food scoop

Dog-food delivery company YaDoggie has a solution to keep your pup honest on whether he or she has eaten today. It's a Bluetooth-connected food scoop and app that keeps track of who fed the dog.

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Nima Peanut Sensor

Nima, the company that created a Bluetooth-connected gluten detector, has made a version of its device that tells you if there are traces of peanuts in your food.

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Quartz Bottle

Admit it, you clean your water bottle sparingly, at best. The Quartz Bottle wants to take over the responsibility by using ultraviolet light to keep itself and your water clean.

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