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Trump so poor?

Recent reports that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign currently has just $1.3 million on hand raised enough eyebrows this week to get #TrumpSoPoor trending on Twitter. $1.3 million is a small fraction of what Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton reportedly has in her war chest -- and it gets beat out in the world of crowdfunding campaigns, too. Here's a look at some notable gadgets that managed to raise more money than the Trump campaign is currently sitting on.

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Giroptic 360cam

This 360-degree camera is finally shipping to backers two years after a Kickstarter campaign that raised $1.4 million -- enough to inch out Donald Trump's June war chest.

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Lockitron's smart, app-enabled deadbolt-turning device did even better, netting more than $2 million in a crowdfunding campaign run through its own website.

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Canary is another security-minded device that made a killing with its crowdfunding campaign. By the end, the smart-home camera's Indiegogo campaign had raked in $2.3 million -- a million more than the Trump campaign has on hand.

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Opal Nugget Icemaker

The Opal, from GE's Firstbuild product workshop, is a $500 countertop device that promises to produce chewable, nugget-style ice. Demand was high enough for the Indiegogo campaign to generate $2.8 million in sales.

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The Onagofly Nano Drone is a pint-size quadcopter that you control from your iOS or Android device in order to snap sweet aerial selfies. Its Indiegogo haul: $3.5 million.

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Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Peak Design's luxurious camera and messenger bag surpassed its crowdfunding goal of $100,000 in just 90 minutes. To date, the Kickstarter campaign has raised just under $5 million.

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Reading Rainbow

OK, it's not a gadget, but it feels worth noting that LeVar Burton's idea to reboot the classic show "Reading Rainbow" ended up earning over $5 million in support on Kickstarter.

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The Coolest Cooler

Of course, the Coolest Cooler raised more than twice that much, with enough people backing its multifunctional design to raise over $13 million on Kickstarter.

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Pebble Time

The Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel smartwatches did even better still, raising over $20 million. Now that I think of it, a Trump Watch doesn't seem so far-fetched...

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